Studio Yoga Hits High Marks for Many Clients

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Clients look for variety of classes and methodologies in fitness as well as team-based training opportunities. Your studio can enhance client engagement through great music, great classes, and great equipment.

Your client base wants a place where they can get fit and toned, but also nurture their social lives and mental health. Your team is likely working hard to give members what they need but that may not always be clear to your clients. How you communicate with your customers with strong marketing messages is key to how they experience your club. As clients begin to engage with your brand, they will experience it through their fellow club guests. The relationship with your club strengthens as your members interact with your employees and other clients. Determine your brand message, and tell the story through every element of the client experience.

The number of Americans practicing Yoga has grown by 50% over the past 4 years. In response, instructors and trainers alike are beginning to incorporate Yoga positions into their exercise programming. The member expectation is shifting and more clients are looking for both stand-alone and integrated Yoga and programming. Yoga provides a restorative cornerstone of a workout for many. With this in mind, how is your Yoga program shaping up?

Surveying your members is the most effective way to determine whether Yoga would be a good addition to your business or if your current program is hitting the mark . Check out our Two Part series on building a member feedback survey (Part 1, Part 2). If Yoga rates high for your members, count on Power Systems to help you meet the demand with our Yoga Studio products. Support your instructors and members by stocking Yoga classes with the right quantity and quality of equipment – thereby providing a welcome and firm foundation for their practice.

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