Product Spotlight: Cardio Dumbbell by Power Systems

Product Spotlight: Cardio Dumbbell

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Get your hands on our newest urethane dumbbell designed to enhance the studio strength training experience. The look and feel of this urethane dumbbell is unlike any other.


1. Ergonomic Handles

Most studio dumbbells range distribute the weight evenly causing the handle to increase in diameter as the weight increases. The Power Systems Cardio Dumbbell adds the weight in the ends while keeping a consistent and comfortable grip location regardless of the weight. Each handle also features a slightly textured surface that serves as a gentle knurling to assist with user grip during studio sweat sessions.

2. Urethane = Maximum Durability

Dumbbells are some of most popular training accessories for studio strength training. Material coated studio dumbbells are recommended for use in studios because – unlike traditional rubber coated dumbbells – the vinyl or neoprene coating will not scuff hardwood floors. However, vinyl or neoprene coating will show wear and tear with scuff marks or small tears in the outer coating over time. This is caused by high volume use and/or overcrowded, inappropriate storage. The urethane construction of the Cardio Dumbbell requires no outer coating that would show scuffs or tears in the surface and it will not leave marks on hardwood floors.

3. Expanded Weight Range

Most studio dumbbells range from 1 lbs. – 15 lbs. while the Power Systems Cardio Dumbbell ranges from 3 lbs. to 20 lbs. The 17.5 lbs. and 20 lbs. weight options allow participants to challenge themselves to progress even further for great results.

4. Signature Beveled Edge

The first appearance of our signature beveled edge design premiered with the Power Systems ProElite Cardio Plate and the Olympic sized Urethane Plate. This design element provides the appearance of a traditional round plate with the benefit of the beveled edge for a secure grip and prevents the weight from rolling away when not in use. The Cardio Dumbbell features the signature beveled edge to match in design and functionality and serves as the perfect companion to our best-selling ProElite Pump Set.

5. Coordinating Weight Color Palette

As part of our Studio Product Refresh project, we wanted to make sure that we offered a high-quality product with consistency in design, aesthetics, and functionality. The ends of the Cardio Dumbbell feature the Power Systems graduated color palette that is featured across our studio products from Versa Loops and Premium Versa Tubes, to the ProElite Pump Set. Students can quickly recognize their preferred resistance level by locating the color range. Instructors can also quickly make an appropriate weight recommendation for an exercise or individual with a quick glance across the room.

The Cardio Dumbbell is the perfect companion and centerpiece to our studio essentials design refresh. At Power Systems we know that equipment can assist you in making a great first impression – so we set out to update our iconic studio favorites with quality material construction and an aesthetic, cohesive look. Inspired by the color sequence of our resistance tubes and bands, each of our popular studio products was updated to match.

Need a place to store all your studio essentials? Not to worry, Power Systems has a storage solution for every product, space, and training environment. The Denali Storage Line is the ideal studio storage solution. With its sleek, curved lines provided by durable, powder coated black steel, Denali Storage complements the signature color of any studio.

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