Avoid a January Overcrowding Emergency with CPR

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Classes for the masses– Stock up on jump ropes, bands, and BOSUs so you can clear those backlogged treadmills by providing more group fitness classes where members can do their cardio. Classes are far less costly than the wear and tear on you line of cardio equipment and getting you new members into a routine of taking classes can lead to more referrals as they rave to others about the results they are seeing.

Provide additional accessory equipment– Kettlebells, cars, and dumbbells are great when your stationary machines are full. Provide printed workouts at your training desk so members can grab a workout. Your new members will love that you have removed the guess work on how to put a workout together and it gives your staff an opportunity to build a relationship or even sell some training!

Redirect– Around 12% of your entire year’s new members will be flocking to your clubs in January and February, which can be overwhelming to your newbies, existing members, and staff. Offer a membership ooptions that is discounted and only allows access to the club on less busy days of the week. Redirect existing members to off peak hours by running a report of gym check0ins to highlight your peak times. Post signs in the club that state these times so members can opt for the less busy times to workout.

Put in your Power Systems equipment order today to avoid an overcrowding emergency and instead be resolution ready!

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