Power Your Team

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Game time is right around the corner! It is time to focus on a Foundation of Strength for your athlete’s success. Focusing on your player’s strength will put them a step ahead of the competition on the field and will turn them into champions. It’s not too late to turn this into a winning season with Power Systems.

Power Sled


Improves acceleration with multi-training options • Round tubing allows for smoother slide with less damage to the field or surface • Includes two leads: shoulder harness or waist belt

Power Toss Football


Improves grip strength • Used for offensive training such as: handoff drills, and much more • Color coded by weight

Agility Ladder


Develop precise foot placement and laser-point focus • Fixed round rungs save setup time and withstand abuse • Comes in 2 different lengths and can be used indoors or outdoors

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About Erin Gray

Erin Gray is Co-Owner and Manager of 865 Fitness. She is a CrossFit L-1 trainer, CrossFit Kids coach, and yoga instructor. She is certified in all nine MOSSA group fitness programs. When she isn't leading CrossFit classes you’ll find her running, or blogging. https://www.facebook.com/erinleighgray865 https://www.instagram.com/e3gray/