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Product Spotlight: Denali Storage Line

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Denali Storage Line – Comprehensive, Sturdy & Stunning

At Power Systems, we understand that first impressions are important. Not only can you make a great first impression with the equipment that you offer – but the way that equipment is stored can also leave a lasting impact that will enhance your brand experience and the overall functionality of your space. That’s why we designed a new line of equipment storage that is comprehensive, sturdy & stunning – introducing the Denali Storage Line.

Exclusive to Power Systems, the Denali Storage Line is unlike any other in its design and function. Every piece in the Denali collection shares these signature features:

  • Curved tube design of the upright supports create a polished finish
  • Matte black color that complements any fitness space
  • Sturdy storage shelves, pegs, and rails provide a sleek display, easy access to equipment, and an overall execution that will stand the test of time
  • Displays equipment sturdy, strong, and beautifully against a wall inside a studio or free-standing on the fitness floor to create separate training spaces

The Denali Storage Line offers FIVE storage options to meet the needs of any training space.


Named for its mixed configuration of storage trays and rails, the Hybrid Rack provides a sleek and dynamic storage solution featuring solid construction to hold and display a wide variety of equipment.


The most popular and perhaps the most versatile piece in the Denali Line is the Multipurpose Rack. The reinforced steel construction and large storage trays come together to make a comprehensive, 4-tier storage rack, engineered to support heavy loads. If you aren’t quite sure which Denali Rack is right for you, the Multipurpose Rack provides the most storage versatility.

In the group fitness studio, the Multipurpose Rack provides an easy-access, all-in-one storage solution for the variety of dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls used in studio strength and cardio classes.

It also provides space-saving and sturdy storage support for the sandbags, slam balls, battle ropes, and wall balls used in boot camps and functional group training sessions.

Or add it to the mind-body studio to provide a sleek and comprehensive storage solution for Pilates rings, yoga mats, blocks, straps, and more!

From studio fitness and mind/body classes, to boot camps and group training sessions – the Denali Multipurpose Rack is the perfect storage solution to complement any training space or program.


Neatly organize and display cardio barbell sets while supporting the high traffic and flow of your most popular studio classes with the Denali Cardio Pump Rack. Bars and collars are stored on each end, providing dual access points for a large group class. Six tiers of plate storage rails with five pegs per rail, the Denali Cardio Pump Rack can hold over 20 cardio barbell sets. It is also our first studio barbell set rack that was designed to store our new 20 lbs. cardio pump plate.


Stores and provides easy access for up to 12 stability balls, based on size. However, the Denali Stability Ball Rack is more than meets the eye. The powder coated steel construction of the storage rails offers a significant and sturdy upgrade to standard stability ball racks, which are typically made from lightweight materials. This material update adds versatility, making our Denali Stability Ball Rack strong enough to hold other training accessories such as BOSUs, Step360 Pro Trainers, and more.

The top storage rail is slightly more narrow and can also hold smaller medicine balls from 11” – 14” in diameter.


This unique studio dumbbell rack stores and organizes free weights attractively while providing easy access for your members. The Vertical Dumbbell Rack makes it easy for your members to see, select, and return studio free weights quickly. The vertical design also allows more dumbbells to fit – housing up to 99 pairs based on size and weight range. The Denali Vertical Dumbbell Rack maximizes floor space in the equipment closet or on the studio floor as it holds the largest variety of dumbbells in a single, small footprint.

At Power Systems, we understand that members and programming are the driving force behind most equipment purchases. In this case, storage solutions are often purchased based on equipment alone without the opportunity to consider functionality or aesthetics. Soon your training spaces become cluttered with an assortment of equipment specific racks that don’t complement each other aesthetically, and over time, don’t meet all storage needs as you add more equipment or training programs.

Update the outdated, miss-matched equipment specific storage racks and upgrade the style and function of your facility with the Denali Storage Line.
Rest assured, with the Denali Storage Racks, you can begin with the end in mind. 

The Denali Storage Line was featured at IHRSA 2019 and sold out immediately! Fill out the form below to secure your Denali Storage today!

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