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Product Spotlight: APEX Storage Series

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At Power Systems, we understand that both protecting your investment and maximizing the life cycle of your fitness equipment is important. That’s why we created the APEX Series to provide our customers with a sleek, updated and unique storage solution that is secure, ventilated, and portable. APEX Storage allows facilities, staff, and instructors to keep programming and operations agile while protecting the overall investment in fitness equipment.

Exclusive to Power Systems, the APEX Series is designed to provide secure storage for fitness equipment in a compact, mobile design. Every piece in the APEX Series shares its signature features:

  • Solid construction of black powder coated 2mm steel
  • Secure latch or lock location to accommodate a standard key or combination lock
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels with locking casters for easy mobility – no tipping or tilting required to move
  • Laser cut holes and design elements to provide access to light and ventilation – eliminates the risk of mold and musty odors
  • Sized to fit through standard doorways

The APEX Series offers THREE storage options to meet the specific needs of facilities and training programs.


This modern version of a storage box has a sleek look to add functionality, durability, security, and portability to your fitness accessory storage. The APEX Vault will hold a variety of your most popular training tools from dumbbells, kettlebells, and med balls to more specialized items such as suspension trainers, resistance bands & tubes, and MMA/Boxing equipment.  

Features & Specs

  • Slow close, no slam lid with holes for a padlock (sold separately at your favorite retailer)
  • Interior rubber mat lining the base for noise reduction and product protection when loading
  • Storage area: 23.5″ L x 19.7″ W x 25.6″ H
  • Color: Flat Black, Chrome Handle
  • Weight: 88 lbs.
  • Storage Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.
  • Warranty: 12 months

What will you put in YOUR APEX Vault? Take a closer look at what can be stored in the APEX Vault grouped by product or programming type. 


Massive, secure equipment storage capacity in a sleek design package. With a storage capacity equal to 10 FEET of traditional storage racks, the APEX Locker is the perfect storage companion for multi-purpose training spaces. From corporate wellness programs and studio fitness classes, to small group personal training sessions and boot camps – this locker is built to hold a variety of equipment to support any program.

Features & Specs

  • Patent-Pending design
  • 4 independent 31″ x 30″ customizable compartment bays
  • Reinforced 6” multi-directional wheels with locking casters
  • 2 lockable latches
  • Functional combination of hooks, shelves and bins
  • 81” H x 124” W x 30” D – fits through standard doors

Four Storage Lockers In One

The APEX Locker is made up of FOUR storage bays designed and engineered to hold light or heavy loads while providing easy access and stylish equipment display for instructors and participants. Each storage locker section of the APEX Locker is unique, providing maximum storage capacity for the widest variety of equipment. For more details on each of the FOUR storage bays – click here.


Need a bit more secure storage space than the Vault but not as much the Locker? The APEX Cage is sized perfectly between the two. This secure, mobile storage chest is designed to store heavy loads and transport across terrain, indoors or out. Featuring pneumatic, all-terrain wheels to transport equipment out of the training room and onto the field providing access to your gear when and where you need it. Provide instructors and participants easy access to small and large specialized equipment from weight vests and battle ropes, to sandbags and ViPRs and more!

Features & Specs

  • All-terrain, pneumatic wheels with locking casters
  • Single, hydraulic, slow-close lid
  • Assembled Dims: 53”L x 34.5”H x 25.5” D
  • Weight: 139 lbs.


Like what you see? Want to know more? Click here for a comprehensive look at the POWER SYSTEMS EXCLUSIVE STORAGE LINES.

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