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Bennie Wylie’s Tips for Maximizing Your Budget

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Back to school means time to shop for supplies. What new and/or additional equipment do your athletes need this Fall? We asked seasoned strength & conditioning coach and Power Systems Master Coach, Bennie Wylie, Jr. for some tips on how to maximize your equipment budget this Fall.

First things first, start with a plan. What is your training style or priority? What are the tools you need? I take time to consider the new training and programming coming up that I want to have new tools for.

When you are choosing your training tools, pick the ones that you will get the most bang for your buck. Choose products that are versatile.

Two of my absolute favorites that I always want to make sure I re-stock to have plenty on hand are Versa Loops and Strength Bands. These are portable, versatile, and low cost. You can do tons of exercises with these on the road, on the practice field, or in the field house. These get a lot of use, so I always stock up.

Plyo boxes are the some of the larger, versatile tools. We can use these for so much more than just plyos. Step ups, squats, we even push them like sleds sometimes.

The next tip I would give you is not to spend your entire budget at the beginning of the season. Save a little money because you don’t know what that next, new thing is that might be coming out in the next couple of months.

To sum it all up, there are 3 steps to maximizing your equipment budget this Fall:

  1. Start with a training plan to determine the right tools for the job.
  2. Refresh your favorites and choose products that are versatile.
  3. Save a portion of your budget to refresh or update equipment later in the year.

In addition to Coach Wylie’s top 3 favorites, here are a few other items you might need to stock your training room with this Fall.

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