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Even when a space isn’t expressly created to wow us or excite us, it generates an impression or feeling. Those feelings influence how we think, interact, and behave within a space. A successful, well planned design makes all the difference. Fortunately, now facility design includes more emphasis on healthy spaces, multi-functional areas, and design that encourages movement.

Design within brands and businesses communicates value and influences how clients experience YOU. Effective design in the fitness space aligns the energy levels of the space, communicates how spaces are to be interacted with and can inspire your employees to work together with clients and engage with the spaces around them. Members who feel motivated and inspired are more likely to participate in classes and other revenue-generating activities. Well-designed spaces are also key for attracting new members.

At Power Systems, we are excited to be a part of planning healthy spaces. Our Pinnacle Storage Line features fully customizable functional storage created to support and enhance any type of training space. Equipment is visible, accessible, and inviting. Accessories to encourage activities supported by the rack system include a tri-bar, landmine, and battle rope attachments. Custom colors let clubs express their brands further and communicate specific programming. Every space matters! Pinnacle racks are the ideal solution to give clients a space that feels motivating.

Fitness space designers, planners, and owners are leveraging a powerful tool to help them plan and achieve their space goals. Ecdesign is the leading 3D floor planning software used all over the world to plan and visualize fitness clubs, offices, and other spaces. More than 7000 companies and organizations in 115+ countries now use Ecdesign. Power Systems joins 65 fitness brands that are represented in the tool, including our Pinnacle Storage Line and complementary products.

Our customers are using thoughtful design to deliver leading fitness trends to their members. Their efforts are driving health and movement forward in their communities. We are inspired and excited to be part of providing the tools and resources to design the ideal space to help us all grow and keep moving.

Count on Power Systems for facility design – GET STARTED NOW.

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