Re-Engage and Gear Up for Racing Season

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Need help re-engaging with your fitness goals?

One of the best ways is to choose an event to participate in that requires a new or appealing physical challenge. Obstacle course races seem to be all the rage right now, but there are plenty of other types of events out there if running in the mud isn’t your thing. Check out some upcoming road races, 5Ks for your favorite cause, and/or weightlifting competitions near you. Still not sure where to start? Check out some past “themed” races from our Fall Racing Preview for more inspiration.

Another great way to re-engage your training focus is to team up with a partner or two. Chances are if you are having trouble finding the motivation to get into the gym, your friends probably are too. Choose an upcoming event that you and a few of your friends can train for together. In fact, we are just two months away from October, which means you have plenty of time to assemble your team to train for the 2018 Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure. This might be one of the most popular, team-oriented road races held nationwide every October. Check out the Susan G. Komen website to find the date and location of the one nearest you.

Once you have selected your event, and your team, it will be time to start training. Here are a few notes and sample workouts from Team Power Systems that will help you train for the road ahead.

For tips on endurance training, check out Yancy’s blog on how to structure your running sessions.

When you are ready to add some high intensity interval training to your workouts, try this partner HIIT training combo from Coach Bennie Wylie.

Recovery is another very important part of the training process. One of the most popular techniques for pre-workout prep and post-workout recovery is foam rolling. But before you begin, check out some of the DO’s and DON’T’s of Foam Rolling.

If you’re seeking to tackle an Obstacle Course Race, check out these tips and workouts from Yancy

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