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Fitness equipment storage maximizes training floor space and plays a critical role in your business. Finding the right storage options that gets your fitness equipment off the floor is important to being organized for both your staff & your members.

Count on Power Systems to help you configure the perfect floor plan that gives you more than you bargained for in functional storage solutions and equipment. We are taking fitness facilities everywhere to an even higher level of function and flow on surprisingly modest budgets.

Pinnacle Storage Line - Power Systems Blog
Denali Storage Line - Update the outdated, miss-matched storage racks and upgrade the style and function of your facility with the Denali Series. The durable, rounded design makes for the most comprehensive and attractive storage racks currently available. Store more equipment than you’ve ever imagined with 5 configurations: Denali Multipurpose Rack, Denali Stability Ball Rack, Denali Hybrid Rack, Denali Cardio Pump Plate Rack, or Denali Vertical Dumbbell rack.
Apex Storage Series - Power Systems Blog
Granite Storage Series - Power Systems Blog
Power Systems Equipment Specific Storage

Learn more about each of these lines in our Storage Brochure or explore online.

5 things to consider when planning your training spaces for gym storage:

  1. How big is your available space?
  2. What type of programming are you looking to offer in this space for your members ?
  3. How many members are you looking to train in the space?
  4. What is your overall budget for equipment & storage?
  5. Are you interested in installation services?

Our design experts are available to make shopping for equipment and storage simple. We love helping you achieve the vision for your gym, training center, studio, or specialty program.

Facility Design 3D Rendering - Power Systems

Need to see it? We understand. Let us build you a 3D model of your future gym or training room. Nothing brings your vision into focus like seeing your space come to life with a scaled floor plan, equipment layout, and storage racks filled with products. Our design experts will work with you to get the perfect layout to optimize your objectives, square feet, and budget. Tell us more about your upcoming project to get started.

Still don’t see what you are looking for? Ask us! We’ve designed custom solutions for customers and are happy to discuss our capabilities to get your exactly what will take your business to the next level.

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Founded in 1986, Power Systems (PS), LLC is a leading provider of fitness and performance products and is recognized throughout the sports and fitness industries for its complete selection, superior customer care, and fast delivery. Power Systems (PS), LLC is committed to quality, innovation, and service through our knowledgeable team that is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations.