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Build a Better Athlete From the Ground Up

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What are the skills athletes need to be successful? Strength and performance training is a broad scope, but it develops the core skill set needed to compete. Let’s take a closer look at what it takes compete at the next level – in sport and in life.

Foundational Strength


A durable and reinforced foundation is essential for injury prevention and athletic performance. It is crucial for athletes to develop strong core musculature while maintaining a wide range of motion that will serve as a sturdy yet functional base of support. This can be achieved by training on the unstable platforms provided by core and balance tools such as the BOSU Elite, wobble boards, and balance discs.

After challenging balance and strengthening the core, it’s time to move on to foundational strength training lifts. Traditional lifts such as squats, deadlifts, and bench press executed with heavy duty weight plates and bars will facilitate the muscular size and strength development needed for competition.


Explosive Power


In physics, power is measured by the amount of force produced over a period of time. The most powerful athletes in football, wrestling, and track & field can generate a maximum amount of force in a short time frame. Heavy and explosive lifts with barbells and plates such as the power clean and snatch will increase the overall power of your athletes. Pair these lifts with kettlebell and plyometric training to create a power training program that will send force production off the charts!



Speed & Agility


Some sports require athletes to travel a great distance in a short amount of time and/or to change direction quickly. Train speed and power with weighted sled pushes and harnessed pulls. In addition to speed ladder drills, agility cones and dots can be used as markers for changing directional movement patterns abruptly.

Athletic programming shifts the training focus throughout the year to accommodate appropriate skill development from pre-season to off-season. Power Systems has all the tools coaches and trainers need to help their athletes reach their fullest potential in the training room and on the field of play.

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