Power Systems Blog - Training Spotlight: Barbell Compound Exercises

Join PJ Stahl for a Step-by-Step Progression Workout

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Training Spotlight: Barbell Compound Exercises

Strength training is a key component to a balanced training program. Over the years the trends in strength training modalities have shifted from traditional bodyweight exercises, to training with a variety of equipment from barbells and dumbbells to kettlebells and cable based or plate loaded weight machines. In fact, you will find that the majority of the square footage in most fitness facilities is dedicated to strength training equipment.

Weighing in at about 45 lbs. and 7 ft. long on the average, the sheer size and weight of an Olympic sized barbell can be intimidating for some. Over the years, more options have become available in a variety of shapes and sizes from the standard sized barbell (aka cardio barbell) to the training bar to the ultra-light Axle Barbell

Whether you or your clients are picking up the bar for the first time, or for the first time in a long time, it is good to review and practice some of the basic barbell lifts with a light load before adding weight or progressing the movements.

We asked Power Systems Master Coach PJ Stahl to break down FIVE basic barbell strength exercises using the ProElite Pump Set. In each video below, PJ will review the coaching points for a single strength training exercise then add a progression. The result is a series of FIVE compound barbell exercises that will increase both strength and cardiovascular output.

The Workout:

Sumo Deadlift to Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Front Squat to Thruster

Strict Press to Push Jerk

Bent over Row to Single Leg RDL with Row

Bench Press to Bench Press + Reverse Crunch

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