ProElite Pump Set

Join PJ Stahl for a Step-by-Step Progression Workout

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Weight training is a key component to any balanced training program. If you’re looking for a dynamic and adaptable strength training tool, the ProElite Pump Set is an ideal option. This cardio barbell set allows the user to customize the weight of the bar, up to 60 pounds. The 2.5, 5, and 10 pound weight plates are smaller and easier to hold than standard plates, allowing for quick weight change and the option to use the plates as free weights. Ideal for beginners due to it’s less intimidating size, the ProElite Pump Set is great for at home or in the gym!

Need some inspiration for a barbell workout? PJ Stahl breaks down how to progress your workout moves with a sample workout featuring the ProElite Pump Set and progressions for each training move. Check out each video for a detailed explanation on how to complete the movement.

The Workout:

Sumo Deadlift to Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Front Squat to Thruster

Strict Press to Push Jerk

Bent over Row to Single Leg RDL with Row

Bench Press to Bench Press + Reverse Crunch

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