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The foundation of a successful and injury-free workout is two traits, but they should be thought of as an overall single unit: strength and body control. Building these 2 traits as one unit will ultimately carry over to your other fitness routines, taking your performance skills to a whole new level.

Two of our NEWEST products will help you do just that. The first we are going to highlight are our Parallettes.

Parallettes are based off of a well-known gymnastics event, the parallel bars. Since the Parallettes are raised slightly off of the floor you can swing through them, master the handstand push-ups, and test your overall core limit. Strengthening your upper body and core helps improve those two traits we talked about earlier: strength and body control.

Our Parallettes are made with a steel construction, and textured coating that provides a premium grip. They can hold any weight without them shifting during your exercises.




  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 17 lbs.
  • Sold in pairs




Here are some workouts from Erin Gray: 

Big Dipper – needs set of parallettes and ball

As quickly as you can complete:

5-10-15-20 reps of feet on ball parallette tricep dips, rep sets of Russian twist with ball, and wall balls.

(Complete 5 dips, 5 sets or 10 total twists, 5 wall balls, 10 dips, 10 sets or 20 total twists, 10 wall balls…)

Our next highlight is another product inspired by gymnastics, Wood Training Rings. Wood rings provide an element to exercise that your normal barbell can’t. This element is instability. Try pulling up on a bar that is secured into ground, hard right? Now try pulling up on two individual rings that are not connected to one another, takes even more talent! This skill takes the ultimate strength and body control.

Not only can they be substituted with a pull-up but you can dip and row just like you would with a suspension training system. Our Wood Training Rings are light and textured, unlike steel or plastic rings. They are great for gyms, boxes, or home use.

wood rings



  • Made of wood
  • Come with length labeled nylon straps and adjustable buckles
  • Sold in sets




Workouts to do with Wood Training Rings from Erin:

Descending Rowing-needs one set of wood rings

As quickly as you can complete:

50-40-30-20-10 reps of Line Jumps and sit ups (do all 50 of line jumps, then move onto sit ups.) After each block of complete reps, complete 12 ring rows.

(50 jumps/50 sit ups/12 rows, 40 jumps/40 sit ups/12 rows…)

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