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Yancy Culp’s 4 Tips for Keeping New Clients for the Long Term

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Every year around this time we watch the gym memberships skyrocket and personal and group trainer schedules fill.  The million-dollar question is…

Why do such a large percentage of these new year fitness fans neglect to stay consistent with their training all year long?

Many fall prey to the roller coaster of life and eventually depart completely until another year comes to an end and they find themselves pondering their next plan of action to get in shape.  Trainers, coaches, managers, and gym owners, this is on us!  I’m a firm believer that the majority of the problem is on us.  We must be creative, passionate, energetic, artistic, and graciously direct with our clients.


For eleven years, I’ve owned and coached a successful boot camp and never once have I used the same workout twice.  We can always find a way to keep things fresh. I challenge myself to be a fitness artist!  I thrive off the requirement I pressure myself with to really deliver something every individual and group will remember.


For eleven years I have graded myself on a scale of 1-10 after every session. Was I all in today & did I bring it with passion?  It’s extremely important to never forget that even though we are comfortable with our routine, the workout, the movements, our space, and the people we’re training/coaching, this definitely isn’t the case for our clients.  We have to be passionate about more than just creating a great workout.


What are we doing to make our clients excited about the entire experience?   Don’t blame declining memberships on lazy or “uncommitted” clients.  It’s on us! Former NBA superstar Steve Nash was not only a great player, he was a great leader.  He averaged 238 physical touches in the form of high fives & fist bumps each game.  He was constantly working on building the bond between his team.  Using words like TEAM, FAMILY, and WE also go a long way as you’re building your client family.


Coaches, trainers, owners, managers, and others, WE are in total control of choosing our attitude before each training session or before we open the gym/box doors each day.  Our attitude choice plays a huge role in promoting or preventing the annual decline we see each year.  Choose wisely my friends and here’s to a great year of helping our clients reach their goals.

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About Yancy Culp

Yancy Culp is the owner of YancyCamp.com where he provides online coaching to Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Athletes. Yancy provides full time coaching to many pro level OCR athletes in the United States and around the world. OCR is the fastest growing participatory sport in the world, and Yancy has competed in every type of OCR ranging from outdoor 24-72 hour races, single day races in the 3-30 mile range, indoor/outdoor short course races in the 10-30min range, and has approximately 25 podium finishes all while in his 40’s. He’s on the HumanN/BeetElite Pro OCR Team, is a Partner at Demon Sled, Chief Inspirational Officer at Until Life Makes Sense, coaches Boot Camps and Group OCR Fitness, and provides Sports Performance Training for MS, HS, and Collegiate Athletes. His wife Amy Culp is the Sports Performance Dietitian for the University Of Texas Longhorn Athletic Department and they have two kiddos – Scout & Lily. Power Systems is thrilled to welcome Yancy as a Master Coach.