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New Month – New Mindset – New Focus

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Fitness folks love a challenge, so here’s one for you.

Start to look at each new month like you look at the New Year. Reflect on what you accomplished the month prior and set new goals for the month that lies ahead.

Now take it one step further, what changes can you implement this month to make bigger strides toward your goals. All fitness enthusiasts know the importance of changing up the workout routine to avoid physical plateaus. So how can you change the way you physically train this month to get closer to your best? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • New moves with your favorite piece of equipment

Get creative and start to see your go-to training partner in a whole new light. If you traditionally use medicine balls for core or cardio, brainstorm on how you might use a medicine ball for strength or max power. Or challenge yourself to hit every body part with the same piece of equipment such as a kettlebell or a resistance band.

  • New movement sequences or supersets

String together movement combinations or supersets that are challenging. When programming for ourselves we tend to choose moves that we like to perform. Push yourself further by implementing more exercises that will challenge you mentally and physically.

  • Get to know a new piece of equipment

This can be a challenge in itself for the #fitfam who knows their way around a gym. However, look around and see if there is a piece of equipment that you have never or rarely ever work with. Use this piece in the way it was intended and then try to think of one safe alternative way to use it.

If you work with clients, either one-on-one or in groups, a new month is also a great time to implement change in programming and inspire a change in mindset. For example:

  • Begin the month with a fitness test or physical challenge that will serve as the benchmark for the month and then retest at the end.
  • Choose a single word or phrase that will be the focus of the entire month. This word can serve as a focus or motivation cue throughout the month. Great examples are:
    • Accountability (to one’s self to show up and to the group to not quit)
    • One More (rep, mile, inch – one step further than yesterday)
    • Be Present (encourage to leave it all at the door and spend this time on you)
  • Add purposeful and focused coaching cues to each set. This will help to reset the mind and focus of your client or group before they begin the movement. If working with a group, walk around and give personal focus cues to improve performance or instill motivation.

If you can do just one thing this month to change the way you train, you can inspire others to do the same. A new month is a clean slate to hit the reset button and charge after something new in the pursuit of better. You can accomplish more when you move forward with positive, focus energy toward a new goal or challenge. What can you do in the next 30 days to get closer to the best version of yourself? 

Often as fitness pros and enthusiasts we can get set in our ways, but is it possible to change something about the way you train, program, motivate, and focus yourself and your clients to reach new heights. We asked Power Systems Master Coaches what it means to “change the way you train” – and they came back with a challenge: Can You Change the Way You Train? Here is what they had to say:

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