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Prep Your Athletes for a Power Training Workout

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Looking for a great movement prep combo for your athletes? Check out this video from former University of Tennessee Head Strength & Conditioning Coach and Power Systems Brand Ambassador, Bennie Wylie. Use these moves to warm up before an explosive power training session. Bennie also shows you how to add instability to this warm up routine. Adding balance and stability challenges to your warm up will prime the core and stabilizer muscles by recruiting more muscle fibers and lay the perfect foundation for a power training session.

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About Elisabeth Fouts

Elisabeth is the Education & Content Manager for Power Systems. She has served the fitness industry for over 15 years has a wide variety of experience from personal training and group fitness instruction to health club membership sales and fitness management. She joined Team Power Systems as Education Coordinator in 2015 and has since produced and co-authored educational content for live and virtual training sessions both internally for staff training and externally for industry educational organizations across the United States. Elisabeth holds a B.S. in Education & Exercise Science and is a certified fitness instructor with ACE and Les Mills.