Give Your Group Fitness Schedule a Summer Makeover

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Summertime -school is out, members are between vacations, and you have probably noticed attendance is down in your group fitness classes. This is a great time to make a few adjustments to your group fitness schedule to maximize the space and time.

It is true that many of your group fitness regulars don’t like change. However, if you let them know that change is coming and it is only “seasonal” – they might look forward to what is in store. Also, remind them that changing up their regular routine is a great for achieving fitness goals.

Here are a few things you can do to drive attendance in your group fitness classes this summer.

First, check the layout of your current fitness schedule.

Early AM:

If you have been offering 60 minute cardio classes in the mornings (i.e. indoor cycling classes, cardio boot camps, step aerobics), try a 30/30 split format class. For example, Cardio & Core – 30 minute high intensity sweat session followed by 30 minutes of core training. In this case, your regulars will still get the cardio they are looking for paired with a bit of strength training for a great comprehensive workout.


Twenty and thirty minute classes are ideal for the lunch crowd. Start the classes a little before or after the hour to accommodate lunch schedules (i.e. 11:45 AM, 12:15 PM). A HIIT training class is perfect for shorter class times. You can also stagger it with short Yoga or Pilates sessions to promote active recovery between high intensity workouts. For example: Mon, Wed, Fri at 12:15PM Cardio Boot Camp / Tues, Thurs at 12:15PM Express Pilates. Then advertise your new Fast Fitness Lunch Schedule to nearby businesses.

After Work:

We all enjoy the extra hours of daylight in the summer months. Some rush home after work to spend time outside with their families or even finish up the yard work. Consider changing a 60 minute evening class to 2-30 minute classes back-to-back. This will accommodate those who still want a quick, structured workout before they run home to take advantage of those long summer nights. Members who love the 60 minute time frame can simply stay for both classes.

If you aren’t quite ready to make changes to the schedule, there are still a few more things you can do to drive people to a class this summer.

  • Family Class Pass – Allow school aged children to attend classes with their parents for FREE during the summer months. Check your club’s minimum age requirement before advertising.
  • Fun Fitness in the Sun – Start an Outdoor Boot Camp on Saturday mornings or even early hours during the work week. This will increase visibility of the activities offered in your club. Hosting the outdoor classes in the mornings before it gets too hot will be appealing as well.
  • Summer School Class Pass – Offer a FREE week pass to Summer School at your facility. Reach out to local businesses and leave copies of your current group fitness schedule or your new Express Lunch Fitness Schedule.

Drive group fitness class attendance up this summer by offering seasonal options to meet the needs of your members and guests. Talk these ideas over with your team and see which ones might work best for your facility.

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