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Complete your Functional Space with Battle Ropes

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Battling ropes have become a must-have accessory for functional training spaces. Exercises with battle ropes not only add variety and intensity to a workout, but also create a visual “wow factor” on the fitness floor. Trainers and clients alike enjoy battle rope training as a way to avoid boredom and training plateaus. Similar to kettlebell training, battle rope exercises are a great way to integrate cardiovascular training with resistance training.

At first glance, many people see that conditioning ropes provide a great upper body workout; however, after a few rounds it is easy to see that the benefits of battle rope training go far beyond that application. Other positive side effects include increased core and grip strength along with muscular endurance.

Following the increase in popularity of the rope workout, there has been an increase in the variety of the types of conditioning ropes now available. There are several types of training ropes to meet a wide variety of programming needs.

Traditional battle ropes come in a variety of lengths and diameters. The weight of the rope will vary based on its length and is something to take into consideration when adding a battle rope to your facility. For example, starting at approximately 16 lbs., the 30 ft., 1.5” grip Power Training Rope is great for beginners to rope training. As training goals intensify, Power Systems Training Ropes increase to a 2” grip diameter and a 50’ length with a weight topping out at approximately 37 lbs.

If your functional training space is limited, the SandRope offers a space-saving, heavy rope alternative. You still get the high intensity cardio and strength training benefits of battle rope training in only 10 feet of space. The patent pending neoprene tube design offers a 10 foot “rope” filled with 15 lbs. or 30 lbs. of sand.

If you like the idea of adding battle ropes to your programming but don’t want a heavy rope, the Beast Slastix Battle Rope is a versatile and lightweight alternative. The Beast Battle Rope is actuall
y a 20-foot-long, covered resistance band that allows you to perform rope drills and quickly transition to resistance band exercises.  It offers 4 levels of resistance from 44 lbs. – 150 lbs. to accommodate beginners to seasoned athletes. The Beast Rope can stretch up to three times its length as a resistance band. If space is a concern, try the Son of the Beast Slastix Battle Rope – sold in pairs of 2, these 10 foot resistance ropes are shorter than The Beast, but offer the same benefits and resistance levels.

Take your small group training sessions and HIIT classes to a whole new level by adding multiple training ropes and a Battle Rope Anchor Station. Add an Olympic plate to the center and it will accommodate up to 12 people using a variety of weights, lengths, and types of battle ropes.

Take your small group training sessions up a notch this year by adding battle ropes to your programming. They can also put the FUN back into all levels of your functional fitness programming.

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