Workout Inspiration from our Master Coaches

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Stuck in a Summer Workout Rut? Get inspired to take your Summer workout outdoors with these short workouts from our Master Coaches. Follow us on Instagram for the latest workouts

Using a Power Systems Versa Loop, our OCR expert Master Coach Yancy Culp walks you through a comprehensive warm up to target the hips, core, and shoulders.

Versa Loop
Shop The Workout: The Versa Loop

Grab a strength band to lengthen and activate your muscles before beginning your workout. Power Systems Master Coach PJ Stahl shows you his 5 favorite activation training techniques.
Shop The Workout: The Strength Band

Progress for success! Power Systems Master Coach Yancy Culp shows you FOUR variations of the Core Hammer Slam to take your workouts to the NEXT LEVEL! Each exercise offers a bit of progression from the traditional slam.
Shop The Workout: The Core Hammer

Elite OCR Athlete/Coach Yancy Culp shares his take on four traditional kettlebell exercises with slight modifications designed to increase grip & pull strength and endurance needed on the Obstacle Course.
Shop The Workout: The Kettlebell

This Versa Loop Workout from Master Coach Yancy Culp is the ultimate in convenience while also being highly effective. Grab your Versa Loops and head out to your favorite workout spot because this workout can be done just about anywhere. Looking for a smaller size? Check out our Mini Versa Loop

Shop The Workout: The Mini Versa Loop

The PowerWave is one of the BEST total body training tools for cardio and strength endurance. Check out this workout with movements in the sagittal plane, great for beginners or folks new to PowerWave training.

Shop The Workout: The PowerWave

Yancy Culp, breaks down three obstacle course race training specific exercises with a single piece of familiar equipment – the Premium Slam Ball.

Shop The Workout: The Premium Slam Ball

This full body workout from Bennie Wylie features great standout raining tools like The Axle and some classic favorites like Medicine Balls, plus a Versa Loop Warm up

Shop The Workout: The Axle

Looking for a new dumbbell workout? Oklahoma University’s Director of Sports Performance & Power Systems Master Coach Bennie Wylie, Jr. has shared his favorite dumbbell total body circuit.

Shop The Workout: The Rubber Octagonal Dumbbell
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